Preferred members who pay monthly dues obtain services at the lower rate shown in the members column. Preferred members also get a $15 monthly credit on any service they use in that month. Non-members are charged the “A la Carte” rates shown in that column. The general service rate applies when you request a service not specified on our concierge list and “same day service” charge applies when you request we provide service on the same day you place the order. We may deviate from this list when a request requires us to go to unusual efforts. Our customers are responsible for all out of pocket expenses, we may require advanced payment on out-of-pocket expenses. If any confusion exists about the concierge service list, Adirondack Outpost, LLC will resolve it.

An agreement is required for access to your home, boat, jet ski, atv, your pet and certain services require this access.

An invoice with be sent to you for services rendered and will be due upon receipt.